Welcome to Erotic University

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Erotic University is an online virtual campus experience designed to teach adults about human sexuality. Exploring the campus is free. You will find art galleries, exhibits, games, and other features of interest, most of which is updated monthly with new content.

Current Status: The campus is functional but we ceased development because of the discontinuing of Flash, which the entire campus was created in. It will be recreated in HTML5 and at that point we will begin to add classes. This is an expensive and time consuming process and we are looking for volunteers familiar with this type of conversion. There is still much to see and explore in the campus, though, but it is not completed.

Erotic University is a not for profit educational project developed by the Center for Sexual Expression and Education.

Restrictions: Access to the campus is restricted to those at  least 18 years of age. To explore the campus and take classes you require a browser that supports Flash.


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