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Erotic University is an online virtual campus experience designed to teach adults about human sexuality. Exploring the campus is free. You will find art galleries, exhibits, games, and other features of interest, most of which is updated monthly with new content.

The campus will soon offer a variety of online classes, most for a small fee. Fees go to the educator who created the class, with a small percentage going back to CSEE to help fund our activities. We have free tools available so that anyone may create a class and make it available at Erotic University, as long as it follows our basic guidelines.

Students get expanded access to the virtual campus. Expanded campus access is also available to members of the Alumni Association and to CSEE donors. Click on the Join! button for more specific information.

Erotic University is a not for profit educational project developed by the Center for Sexual Expression and Education.

Restrictions: Access to the campus requires a free sign-up and you must be at least 18 years of age. To explore the campus and take classes you require a browser that supports Flash.

Status: The campus is currently in preview mode. Not all of the departments and features have been implemented yet, you may encounter a bug or two, and the monthly features do not change. The campus will open officially in January, with all departments active and content that changes monthly. Subscribe to our blog feed for status updates.

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