This is some of what you can expect to see when you explore the Erotic University Virtual Campus. This tour focuses on the extra features in each department and does not include classes. To learn more about classes, go to the classes page.

Administration Building

General information about the campus, Help Desk, and FAQ. Also includes the Career Center and Student Services.

Athletic Department

The Gymnasium features a Weekly Workout with a new workout every week, along with some basic tips about sex and exercise. The Athletic Fields feature several outdoor sports. The rules to Flag Football are concealed and you must figure out how to reveal them. Nude running, biking, and volleyball all feature history, events, and galleries of images.

Botanical Gardens

A themed garden changes with the seasons. Each garden offers a look at plant and flower lore as it relates to sexuality. The Woods is a clothing optional area that includes information on nudism- including new monthly pictures, video, and audio. You can also read what other couples share about their own outdoor sexual adventures, and share your own in the Outdoor Adventure book.

Health Center

On the shelf are pamphlets on a variety of sexual health related issues that you can pick up and read. There is also a Massage Center, where you can learn about massage, and read the eBook “Seducing with Massage.”

History, Philosophy and Religious Studies

This is the home of the Museum of Sexual History, featuring new exhibits each month. A long term effort in the museum is the Pompeii Project, working to create a virtual restored recreation of Pompeii and its erotic art.  In the Religion department, you can visit the student chapel that celebrates the development and diversity of sexual expression within religion, and you can solve puzzles to learn abut Christianity and sex in the graphic adventure The Magdalene Code. The Philosophy department focuses on the meaning of sex, and the philosophers who have invested their lives trying to understand that meaning.


The home of Sex in Review (a review site of adult products and services), Adventurous Couples (an online magazine for couples), the EU Newsletter, and the Media Research Sexuality Resource (a resource for journalists and writers to help connect them with sex experts). It also includes interesting information on publishing and censorship.


Home of our Freedom Tour Project which tracks censorship state by state. Freedom Hall features interesting information and books dealing with censorship and freedom of expression.


Home of the Sexual Heritage in Print Project (a facet of the Sexual Heritage Preservation Project), working to preserve sexually related fiction and non-fiction books and make them freely available as eBooks. The library now contains hundreds of books. There are also new monthly exhibits related to books and print.


When online social interaction on our site becomes threatening and harassing, this is the place to resolve it.

Radio, Television, Video

The campus radio station features the Jeff Booth Show, a weekly mix of humor, commentary and interviews dealing with sex in politics, religion, entertainment and science. There are monthly exhibits on the history of sex and broadcasting. The Lois Weber Theater has special screenings of historical interest.

Science Center

There are departments for Biology, Psychology, Computer Science, and Sociology. The Biology Department features interactive exhibits providing a refresher on some sexual basics.  The Psychology Department features an experimental web site called Virgin Pride to combat sexual misinformation, sexy optical illusions, and a guided meditation for couples to enhance their sexual awareness. The Computer lab offers information on how to protect your personal privacy. The Sociology department introduces you to many alternative lifestyles.

Skill Center

Hidden away in one of the rooms is an old trunk. Inside are sexual secrets that change monthly. There is also the Holographic Kama Sutra. Wearing 3D glasses, you can view sexual positions from 360 degrees and from top and bottom. The Female OMG Pleasuring Lab and the Male OMG Pleasuring Lab offer creative and interactive ways to learn about manual and oral genital stimulation. The Toy Lab teaches about sex toys.  The Pick-Up Lounge focuses on how to meet and get to know new people in a variety of social situations.


Purchase books and adult products. Learn about sex toys just by clicking on them in the glass display case.

Student Union

In the lounge you will discover, a CSEE social networking project to connect sex positive adults with other sex positive adults who share similar interests across a broad spectrum of sexuality. This is also an online meeting place for students and guests. Access online study groups, join a campus club, or visit the lounge where you can chat live with other students. Ellis Auditorium features special lectures and events. Go to the Pub where you can chat with the artificial intelligence based bartender, play a game of darts, learn to make sexy drinks, and learn some sexy bar bets and drinking games. The Game Room features a variety of games you can play, including sex education themed arcade games. The clothing optional outdoor pool includes many things to explore, including hot water adventures and sex underwater.

Visual Arts Department

Explore the five art galleries that change monthly. Dare to enter the basement, a subterranean maze from which escape is only possible using your recently acquired knowledge from the galleries.




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