Classes will not begin officially until January 2016. Here is a list of classes under development.


Adult Journalism Master Class

This class teaches you about three important facets of adult journalism: covering live events, writing product reviews, and live event photography.

Jeff Booth has been writing about the adult industry for many years.  He has covered swing events, fetish events, adult industry events, and porn shoots. He shares what he has learned about successfully covering live erotic events.

Part One of this class teaches you the basics of covering adult events, writing and researching sex related news, and other sex related writing.

You will learn about:

  • Journalistic ethics
  • Gaining access to erotic events
  • Available markets
  • Appropriate on set behavior
  • Tips for covering conventions

Part 2 of the class teaches you how to write adult product reviews. Jeff has written hundreds of them.

You will learn about:

  • Porn terminology in an extensive dictionary
  • How to identify talent
  • The reality of adult book reviews
  • Tips on adult toys
  • Review markets

In Part 3, Jeff shares his experience as a photographer at live events. This is a skill you absolutely must have, since most writing assignments are not going to pay to hire a photographer to tag along.

You will learn about:

  • Photography etiquette
  • How to get the best poses from talent
  • The rules for shooting on set
  • Photographing sex

Jeff includes a large selection of his photos in HD resolution, with audio commentary on how he got the shot and why it is effective. It includes photography from a wide variety of events, along with sexually explicit photography.


Freedom Fighting

Your rights to express your sexuality and to have the freedom to read, view, and purchase what you want are under assault every day. This class teaches you what you can do to fight against those who would limit your most basic civil right- the right to sexual autonomy. Experts share information on things you can do, big and small, to fight against the censors and sexual bigots who want to control your life.


Books, Sex and Censorship

This class covers the history of sex and publishing and how censorship has shaped its content and limited its distribution. It comes with a library of books in digital format. It also includes an extensive collection of illustrative and explicit erotic art- far more explicit than the art in Art, Sex and Censorship class. Every image has been digitally cleaned up (color corrected and balanced, with scratch, crack and stain removal) in 1080P HD format.

 The class includes:

  •   Over 500 complete books in ePub format from the CenterSEE library archives
  •   Over 10,000 erotic illustrations and related artwork
  •   Over 5 hours of Class lecture
  •   Interactive Censorship Timeline
  •   Student Workbook on Book Censorship

  Pathways include Erotica and Magazines, Erotic Folios, Calendars, Bookplates, and much more.


Sex and Religion

This class provides an overview of many religions, from mainstream to cults, and their views on sexuality. It includes over 1,000 HD resolution religious images from the CSEE archives.

Movies, Sex and Censorship

This class covers the history of sex and film and how censorship has shaped its content and limited its distribution. It also an extensive collection of nude and explicit stills and promotional photos. Every photograph has been digitally cleaned up (color corrected and balanced, with scratch, crack and stain removal) in 1080P HD format. It also includes a large collection of movie clips.

The class includes:

  • Over 10 Hours of movie clips
  • Over 5,000 photographs and images
  • Over 5 hours of class lecture
  • Interactive Censorship Timeline
  • Student Workbook on the censorship of film

Pathways include Pre-Code Movies, Nudie Cuties, Breakthrough Porn.


Media Savvy for Sex Educators and Adult Marketers

Do you have a message to get out through the mainstream media? Will you need to do radio, television, or live speaking engagements? You may have written a book, or developed a new sex toy, or are working to develop your career as an adult film performer.  You will need to do media promotion, and this class helps you prepare.  When you are dealing with sexual topics in the mainstream media, there is a lot to know. What can you say and what should you avoid saying? Why can talk show audiences be so hostile to people representing sexual topics? Why can radio be more difficult than television?  This class covers everything down to how to dress and the basics of presenting yourself in the most effective manner. This class also includes special appearances by those who have been successful marketing their sex related products through the mainstream media.


Adventurous Couples

This class is for couples interested in exploring sexual alternatives together. It discusses sharing adventures, including exploring sex toys, strip clubs, and recreational nudity. It also presents introductory information on swinging, polyamory, bisexuality, and BDSM. It is lavishly illustrated with art from the CSEE archives.


Exploring Swinging

Swinging, now more commonly referred to as being in the Lifestyle, has become very popular. Since the Internet, it has experienced explosive growth, with conventions for swingers across the country, clubs in almost every major city, and hundreds of thousands of couples experiencing what swinging has to offer.

In this class, you’ll learn about how to get started, etiquette, what to expect, dealing with jealousy, the types of sexual experiences, swinger terminology, how to meet people, and much more.

Instructor Jeff Booth is one of the leading experts on the subject. He has lectured at swinger conventions and on University campuses, he was on the planning board for the Lifestyles Convention, he has been on the board of advisors for the largest swing club in the U.S., and he has been on the board of advisors for a swinger’s resort in the Palm Springs area.

In this class, he also takes you on rare photographic tours inside actual swing clubs, revealing what is seldom shown to the general public.  His discussion of the different types of sexual experiences is accompanied by rare art from the CSEE art archives.


New Millennium Kama Sutra

This is a greatly expanded version of the Holographic Kama Sutra that can be found in the Skill Center. It includes a large number of resources on sexual positions, and has a huge number of sexual positions in 3D that can be viewed from all sides and top and bottom.


Magic Hands

The master class on using your hands to sexually pleasure a woman. This class includes new techniques such as the human vibrator, and how to keep your hand from never getting tired. It also includes techniques developed by others.  From the basic biology to keeping your hands properly groomed, this class gives you the information you need to boost your confidence and go in knowing you are going to make your partner feel wonderful.


Adult Games for Couples and Groups

This class introduces you to the wide range of games that can be played between consenting adults. You will learn how to introduce your partner to the idea, how to introduce sexy games into social settings, how not to make game players feel uncomfortable,  and how to make games at parties a success. Author Jeff Booth has organized game parties and presented his lecture on the subject to a variety of groups, who ten participated in many of the games. His ideas on adult games have been tested with real players. In Addition, you get a free copy of Jeff Booth’s e-Book, the “Encyclopedia of Adult Games,” the largest compilation ever assembled. You also get6 access to the Game Maker, which allows you to use your printer to print out game boards and cards and even customize them.


Art, Sex and Censorship

This class covers the history of erotic and nude art and how censorship has shaped its content and limited its distribution. Covering over 600 years of art, it also includes an extensive collection of historical nude and erotic art. Every image has been digitally cleaned up (color corrected and balanced, with scratch, crack and stain removal) in 1080P HD format.

The class includes:

  • Over 10,000 paintings and drawings
  • Over 10 hours of Class lecture
  • Biographies of 700 artists
  • Interactive Censorship Timeline
  • Learning Oriented Games (Escape from the Dungeon, Hot or Horror)
  • Student Workbook on Art Censorship

Over a dozen Pathways to explore the class content including Women Artists, Gay Artists, Symbolism.


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