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Erotic University Virtual Campus Set for September 1st Previews

For immediate Release – October 1st, 2025

Once upon a time, there really was an Erotic University. For three years, the Center for Sexual Expression and Education sponsored Erotic University adult sex education classes in downtown Los Angeles in a 30,000 square foot building. The same facility also housed an erotic art gallery, an adult store selling lingerie and toys, and was also host to many sex positive events, including the CSEE’s Pleasure Sunday, a conference with vendors and lectures focusing on female orgasm. Harassment from the city began, including insisting that the maximum occupancy for the huge building was 30 people. Eventually it became too much and the venue closed.

Erotic University’s founder Jeff Booth then began to create a virtual campus that could be accessed online from anywhere in the world. He envisioned a campus that you could explore, along with online classes that you could take. After spending three years building it, Jeff was hit with a neurological condition that left him barely able to function. Work on the Erotic University Virtual Campus came to a halt.

Eventually, a new drug came on the market that would lead to significant but not complete improvement of Jeff’s cognitive abilities and functioning. He would still need to spend the next couple of years relearning how to use a mind that no longer functioned the way it used to.

Jeff slowly regained the ability to write, and even program. He set back to work recreating his vision of Erotic University. It now had to be completely redone, as technology had moved on quite a bit in the intervening years.

Having looked at a lot of research on how people learn, he decided that instead of taking a linear approach to education, he wanted to create something that was very experiential, exploratory and fun, much like sex itself. Students explore a virtual campus, patterned after what it would be like if there really were a large university dedicated to teaching about sex. Among the 15 departments there is a student union, health center, library, and all of the other amenities you would expect on a large campus, all visualized through 3D software.

Jeff Booth points out that, “One of the important concepts was that learning not be limited to our more structured virtual classrooms. You can go to the health center and read pamphlets on health topics. In the Massage Center, the massage therapist is reading a book on seducing with massage, which you can click on and read. There are books in many of the environments that you can click on and read. You can go to the pool at the Student Union and learn about underwater sex toys and sex under water. The Sexual Skills Center includes the Holographic Kama Sutra, providing interactive stereoscopic 3D views of sexual positions from all sides and top and bottom. Besides updating the presentation of classic sexual positions with modern technology, it also updates the types of positions, including group sex, sex furniture, and positions for those dealing with pregnancy and disabilities.”

One of their top goals was to ensure that the Virtual Campus is a fun place to explore. Every department contains hidden puzzles to figure out. There is a Pub in the Student Union where you can go and have a conversation with Marie, the bartender, who converses with you using artificial intelligence. There are games to play in the Arcade and in the Recreation Center.

“One of the things I am proudest of is the library,” says co-founder Kris Booth. “There are hundreds of books in ePub format. Our Sexual Heritage in Print Project seeks out books from the past that may now be difficult to find, and turns them into freely distributable eBooks. Along with the classics of erotica and many of the most censored books in history (including the first literature in English ever charged with obscenity.) There are many unusual items, such as our own compilation of the little known bawdy writings of Mark Twain.”

Preserving and restoring erotic art is also an important part of the EU mission. One of the things that Jeff found he could still do even when severely cognitively impaired was digitally clean up images- removing scratches and dust and color correcting them.  Over the several years when he was at his worst, he managed to clean up over 60,000 images that were a part of the CSEE archive collection. These images are now being incorporated into special exhibits across the campus, and as key parts of some of the more extensive classes Jeff is developing, such as Art, Sex, and Censorship, which includes a collection of 13,000 HD resolution images from 500 artists.

For Jeff, the digital art restoration is part of a bigger vision to preserve our shared sexual heritage. Besides digitally restoring art and books, he also has begun a project to use laser scanning to preserve three dimensional objects. These are all gathered together in the archives found in the Museum of Sexual History, on online virtual museum. It presents explorable exhibits that put the items in context, allowing visitors to gain a greater understanding of what these items meant to the people of their time, along with the sexual attitudes and ideas they represented. The museum also provides access to the huge digital archives of the Center for Sexual Expression and Education.

While access to the campus is free, individual classes do charge a fee. Anyone with something to teach about sex can use the free EU class development tools to create a class that they can sell on the Erotic University site.

There is content that changes on the campus each month. The art department and library feature rotating exhibits. There are new workout routines in the Athletic Department. There are new screenings in the campus theater. The Journalism Department publishes Sex in Review, featuring reviews of adult products. The RTV Department features Jeff Booth’s weekly news and interview radio show, as well as exhibits on the history of sex on radio and television.

According to Jeff Booth, they have big ambitions: “Through exploration, interactivity, and exposure to an environment that promotes a positive and expansive view of sexuality in all its amazing diversity, our goal is nothing short of revolutionizing the way sex education is taught.”


About EroticUniversity

Erotic University was founded in 2003 by sex writers Jeff and Kris Booth as part of their Center for Sexual Expression and Education. Through their Los Angeles based campus, they offered a wide range of classes featuring top educators from across the country. Now their vision of diverse sex positive education is available online.

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