Classes Wanted

While we are open to a wide variety of classes, there are a number of classes that we are specifically interested in finding instructors for.  The titles are just suggestions to give you an idea of what we may be looking for. The classes listed as under development are those we are now actively working on and will be available in 2014. For more information on them, go to the Classes page.

Classes are created using our class creation tools. Go to the Online Class Creation page to learn more.

Athletic Department

  • Exercise for Sex
  • Strip for your Lover
  • Pole Dancing
  • Belly Dancing

Currently Under Development

History, Philosophy and Religion

  • What the Bible Really Says About Sex
  • History of Sex
  • History of Marriage Customs
  • Sex in Ancient Civilizations
  • The Historical Roots of Sexual Morality

Currently Under Development

Sex and Religion

Journalism Department

Publishing Sex Magazines on the Internet (Practices, Legal Issues, and Responsibilities)

Currently Under Development

Adult Journalism Master Class


  • The Development of Censorship Laws
  • Sex Laws and Freedom
  • The Law and Pornography
  • The Law and Sex Workers.

Currently Under Development

Freedom Fighting (Citizen guide to fighting censorship)


  • Writing Sex Fiction
  • Collecting Erotic Books and Ephemera

Currently Under Development

Books, Sex and Censorship

Police Department

  • Self Defense for Women
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

 Currently Under Development



RTVF Department

  • Directing Adult Films
  • Erotic Performance

Currently Under Development

Movies, Sex and Censorship

Media Savvy for Sex Educators and Adult Marketers


Science Center


  • Sexual Performance Enhancers
  • Dealing With Impotence and Low Sexual Desire

Currently Under Development




  • Adult Webmastering Master Class

Currently Under Development




  • Sex and the Brain
  • The Fascinating World of Fetishes
  • Hypnosis and Sex

Currently Under Development




  • BDSM Master Class
  • Exploring Polyamory
  • When Monogamy is Not for You

Currently Under Development:

Adventurous Couples

Exploring Swinging

Skill Center

  • Mastering Fellatio
  • Mastering Cunnilingus
  • The Ins and Outs of Anal Sex

Currently Under Development

New Millennium Kama Sutra

Magic Hands


Student Union

 Currently Under Development

Adult Games for Couples and Groups


Visual Arts Department

  • Nude Figure Drawing
  • Intro to Nude Photography and Lighting the Nude

Currently Under Development

Art, Sex and Censorship

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